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Kingston upon Hull

Festival publisher Hull City Council year 2008 url http: portal page?_pageid 221,156111&_dad portal&_schema PORTAL accessdate 17 February 2008 As of 2008 Hull has also held Freedom Festival (Freedom Festival, Hull); an annual free arts and live music event that celebrates freedom in all its forms.


in Scandinavia'' (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1998), ISBN 90-420-0611-0, p. 77. and Germany, where musicians began to fuse music of psychedelia and the electronic avant-garde. 1968 saw the first major German rock festival (music festival) in Essen (:de:Internationale Essener Songtage), P. Scaruffi, "A brief summary of German rock music", retrieved 9 February 2010. and the foundation of the Zodiak Free Arts Lab in Berlin by Hans-Joachim Roedelius, and Conrad Schnitzler, which helped bands like Tangerine Dream and Amon Düül achieve cult status. P. Stump, ''Digital Gothic: a Critical Discography of Tangerine Dream'' (Wembley, Middlesex: SAF, 1997), ISBN 0-946719-18-7, p. 33. This example was only gradually followed in other European countries. The Charité (a hospital founded in 1710) in Berlin established a separate Paediatric Pavilion in 1830, followed by similar institutions at Saint Petersburg in 1834, and at Vienna and ''Breslau'' (now Wrocław), both in 1837. The English-speaking world waited until 1852 for its first pediatric hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street (Great Ormond Street Hospital), some fifty years after the founding of its namesake in Paris. In the USA, the first similar institutions were the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, which opened in 1855, and then Boston Children's Hospital (1869). Commons:Category:Berlin Wikipedia:Berlin Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Berlin


, built in 1911 Each year the Artscape (Artscape (festival)) takes place in the city in the Bolton Hill (Bolton Hill, Baltimore) neighborhood, due to its proximity to Maryland Institute College of Art. Artscape styles itself as the "largest free arts festival in America". Commons:Category:Baltimore WikiPedia:Baltimore Dmoz:Regional North America United States Maryland Localities B Baltimore


Academy Eindhoven . Israeli Art Center: "Helen Berman." Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Accessed 2008-06-28. While at the academy, she took extracurricular coursework in the free arts with Kees Bol and Jan Gregoor.

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