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New Westminster

: eng history index.asp?sub2 14 was formed in Toronto in 1877 to foster competition between local sides. Canadian Soccer History Soccer in Canada The first soccer football book published in Canada was published in Toronto in 1879. terminus_b Wikipedia:New_Westminster Dmoz:Regional North_America Canada British_Columbia Localities N New_Westminster Commons:Category:New Westminster, British Columbia


;ref Gardner, ''The Manchester City Football Book No. 2'', pp. 13–22 City also won the League Cup (Football League Cup) that season, becoming the second English team to win a European trophy and a domestic trophy in the same season. The most famous bedroom farceur is probably Georges Feydeau, whose collections of coincidences, slamming doors , and ridiculous dialogue delighted Paris in the 1890s and are now considered forerunners


;was formed in Toronto in 1877 to foster competition between local sides. Canadian Soccer History Soccer in Canada The first soccer football book published in Canada was published in Toronto in 1879. In 1896, the Manitoba Football Association (Manitoba Soccer Association) formed on March 19 in Brandon (Brandon, Manitoba). Five years later in 1901, the Ontario Football Association (Ontario Soccer Association) was formed in Toronto and competition for the Ontario Cup began. Galt Football Club won the first edition of the tournament that still runs to this day. They represented the WFA at the 1904 Olympic Games (Football at the 1904 Summer Olympics) in St. Louis, Missouri, winning the gold medal. Only two other teams participated, both American clubs. 1904 Olympics The first ever professional game was played in Vancouver between the Callies and Rovers in 1910. In 1912, the founding meeting of the Dominion of Canada Football Association (Canadian Soccer Association) was held in Toronto on May 24, when provincial soccer executives laid the foundation of what is today's '''Canadian Soccer Association'''. The organization became a member of FIFA December 31, 1912. In 1926, the National Soccer League (Canadian National Soccer League) was formed with teams in Ontario and Quebec. On June 21, 1926, the DCFA resigned from FIFA and remained outside the world governing body, following the example of British associations in a dispute over broken time payments to amateurs. Hamilton's Robert McDonald (Whitey McDonald) was signed by Scottish club Rangers (Rangers F.C.) in the 1920s, who spotted him while on tour in North America. During the 1960's there was a concerted effort to push professional soccer in Canada. The Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League was formed in 1961 and featured teams in Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, and (for one season) Buffalo, New York. One club, Toronto City, even featured some very prominent British soccer stars during it's inaugural season, including Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland national football team) international Danny Blanchflower, England (England national football team) internationals Stanley Matthews and Johnny Haynes and Scottish (Scotland national football team) internationals Jackie Mudie and Tommy Younger. This is also notable as the last time that the England, Scotland and Northern Ireland captains all played on the same side together. Despite this, the league proved unsuccessful and folded within 5 years. Following a rise in the popularity of the game after the global broadcasting of the 1966 World Cup, the North American Soccer League (North American Soccer League (1968–1984)) was formed in 1968. The league covered the United States and Canada, with many European professionals brought in to supplement domestic talent. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Canada was represented by professional teams playing in five different cities, namely Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The league folded in 1985. thumb Mohawk Raceway, Campbellville, ON (Image:Mohawk raceway 06 july 2007 tac.jpg) '''Mohawk Racetrack''' is a harness racing track in Campbellville, Ontario. It is owned by the Woodbine Entertainment Group, formerly the Ontario Jockey Club, and is about 30 km west of the company's other racetrack, Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. Mohawk also has a large slot machine parlour, operated by OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation); some of the revenue from this operation is used to increase the horseracing purses. In the late 1940s, Kenwick-on-the-Lake was open air in the round. The venue served as a Saturday Night destination for passengers of the SS ''Noronic'' that stopped at Sarnia on its trip around the Great Lakes from Toronto. Bands (Swing era) that performed at the dance hall include Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Lionel Hampton. Patrons of the BME website and its IAM community have often gathered for barbecues where they can meet with one another. Historically, the largest of these BBQs, known as BMEFest, BMEFest at BME Encyclopedia were held in or around Toronto, Ontario and generally on Canada Day with hundreds of participants. The festivities of BMEFest almost always include suspensions, fireworks, Pain Olympics, grilled food both vegan (Veganism) and otherwise, and there is usually a commemorative T-shirt for each event. It is generally free to attend but it is encouraged to sign up ahead of time and may be exclusive to a private group. BME Events Calendar defunct 1999 location Toronto, Ontario industry Electrical generation, distribution In the 1960s, HEPCO was the first utility in North America to utilize ultra-high voltage transmission lines. Planning for the UHV lines began in 1960 and in 1967, HEPCO put into service transmission lines carrying 500,000 volts that carry power from hydroelectric sources in remote Northern Ontario to high load areas in southern Ontario such as Toronto, London (London, Ontario), and Ottawa. During the 1970s and 80's, Ontario Hydro gradually expanded the 500KV transmission system into what it is today. birth_date Commons:Category:Toronto WikiPedia:Toronto dmoz:Regional North America Canada Ontario Localities T Toronto

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