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El Nido, Palawan

early mornings and late afternoons. The trail ends at the peak of the island and provides and an excellent 360-degree view of the Bacuit Bay and nearby islands. Vigan Island Located near Pangulasian Island, it is also referred to as, "Snake Island," because of the fine natural sandspit (s-shaped sandbar) that "snakes" off it shores. The sandspit is clearly visible only when the tide is low. On both sides of the sandspit are shallow swimming areas. Cudugnon Point

Whitby, Ontario

; is Danish (Danish language), dating from about 867 CE when the Danes invaded Britain. It is a contraction of "Whitteby," meaning "White Village." The allusion may be to the white lighthouse on the pier at Whitby, Yorkshire, and also at Whitby, Ontario.' Although settlement dates back to 1800, it was not until 1836 that a downtown business centre was established by Whitby's founder Peter Perry. Whitby's chief asset was its fine natural harbour on Lake Ontario, from which grain from the farmland to the north was first shipped in 1833. In the 1840s a road was built from Whitby Harbour to Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay, to bring trade and settlement through the harbour to and from the rich hinterland to the north. The Town of Whitby was chosen as the seat of government for the newly formed County of Ontario (Ontario County, Ontario) in 1852, and incorporated in 1855. The remainder of Whitby Township remained a separate municipality, although the eastern half surrounding Oshawa was incorporated as the new Township of East Whitby in 1857. In the 1870s a railway, the "Port Whitby and Port Perry Railway", was constructed from Whitby harbour to Port Perry, and later extended to Lindsay (Lindsay, Ontario) as the "Whitby, Port Perry and Lindsay Railway." Whitby is also the site of Trafalgar Castle School, a private girls' school founded in 1874. The building, constructed as an Elizabethan-style castle in 1859–62 as a private residence for the Sheriff of Ontario County, is a significant architectural landmark and Whitby's only provincial historic site marked with a plaque. The school celebrated its 125th anniversary in 1999. During the Second World War, Whitby was the location of Camp X, a secret spy training facility established by Sir William Stephenson, the "Man Called Intrepid". Although the buildings have since been demolished, a monument was unveiled on the site of Camp X in 1984 by Ontario's Lieutenant Governor (Lieutenant Governor of Ontario) John Black Aird. In 1968, the Town of Whitby and Township of Whitby amalgamated to form the current municipality. Municipal boundaries were not changed during the 1974 formation of Durham Region and remain to this day. Today, Whitby is the seat of government in Durham Region. It is commonly considered part of the Greater Toronto Area, although statistically it belongs to the greater Oshawa Metropolitan Area (Census Metropolitan Area). They are both in the eastern part of the Golden Horseshoe region. Demographics At the western edge of the city, the 401 meets Highway 427 (Ontario Highway 427), an important north-south artery between Toronto Pearson International Airport and the Gardiner Expressway. It mainly serves the airport and the western suburbs outside the city of Toronto. In the same area, the short length of Highway 409 (Ontario Highway 409) connects the airport directly to the traffic flow of the 401. Moving east, the 401 then intersects Highway 400 (Ontario Highway 400), which leads north to Barrie, the recreational areas of Ontario's "Cottage Country" and beyond, to the northern reaches of the province. East of the 400, the 401 meets Allen Road, and then the Don Valley Parkway Highway 404 (Ontario Highway 404), before continuing eastwards out of Toronto into the suburbs of Pickering (Pickering, Ontario), Ajax (Ajax, Ontario), Whitby (Whitby, Ontario), and Oshawa. *'''Delete''' no objective criteria for inclusion or exclusion. Carlossuarez46 (User:Carlossuarez46) 20:10, 5 April 2006 (UTC) *I'd personally have to go with the '''delete''' side. I think there's a too-high degree of subjectivity involved, and a too-low degree of verifiability. Plus I just don't think it's that important, and while I may be wrong I don't think WP has ever established a consensus that all shopping malls are legitimately notable. For what it's worth, the only mall on here that I could speak to at all (Whitby Mall in Whitby, Ontario) is one that I don't think would merit an article even if it ''weren't'' on some people's subjective lists of "distressed" malls. Bottom line, this just doesn't strike me as being a particularly notable or encyclopedic list. Bearcat (User:Bearcat) 02:47, 7 April 2006 (UTC) The first school to be named after the legendary conservationist was built in 1956 and renamed Jack Miner Public School in 1968. It remains to this day, just a few miles from Miner's sanctuary in what was Gosfield South Township. Each year the graduating students participate in the yearly banding activities at the sanctuary. A school in the name of Jack Miner was created in 2001 in Whitby, Ontario, administered by the Durham District School Board. There is also a Jack Miner Senior Public School in Guildwood in city of Scarborough,ON. - colspan "4" '''Whitby (Whitby, Ontario)''' - ''Main article (Whitby municipal election, 2006)'' - In the 18 months since Andrea Muizelaar (w:Andrea Muizelaar) was crowned winner of the reality TV series ''Canada's Next Top Model (w:Canada's Next Top Model)'', her life has been a complete whirlwind. From working in a dollar store in her hometown of Whitby, Ontario (w:Whitby, Ontario), to modeling haute couture (w:haute couture) in Toronto (w:Toronto), she had reached her dream of becoming a true Top Model.


, the barilla would be placed in towering stacks, burned, and then the ashes and coals would be gathered into sacks, and transported to Nablus from the area of modern-day Jordan in large caravans (Camel train). In the city, the ashes and coals were pounded into a fine natural alkaline soda powder called ''qilw''. Today, ''qilw'' is still used in combination with lime. Local government File:Clocktower downtown Nablus.JPG thumb right New clock tower at Martyrs


the army in July, he found a civilian job as secretary to the Stearn Electric Lamp Company. Reassured that he had 'a fine natural voice', Williams entered numerous competitions. Although his début recital in December at the Wigmore Hall, London, was kindly received by the critics, he remained with the Stearn company until 1920. Lightcliffe is a dormitory village for people working in Halifax, Brighouse, and Bradford, and commuting to Leeds, Manchester

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