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Paso Robles, California

in the downtown park featuring free Olive Oil and Olive product sampling from producers from all over California. Visit the Paso Robles Olive Festival page. Sustainable building Several companies in the area specialize in straw-bale construction, insulating concrete forms, rammed earth, super insulated buildings, and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (L.E.E.D) construction. Within a radius

Peterborough, Ontario

, fine dining and jewelry stores. Annual events * Artsweek - annual celebration of the arts in Peterborough, held in September * Downtown Countdown - alcohol drug-free New Year's Eve celebration (website currently down) * Emergency: Festival of New Dance and Performance by Peterborough Area Artists - festival held in late March early April, produced by Public Energy and Peterborough New Dance * Peterborough Folk Festival - three-day music, arts and community festival, featuring free all


was inspired by the Boston Children’s Museum to open up a similar facility in Manila. Parks thumb 250px Rizal Park (File:RizalParkManila.jpg) * '''Rizal Park (w:Rizal Park)''' Right outside the walled city is Rizal Park more widely known as the '''Luneta'''. The Luneta is the venue for the national museums, bayside restaurants, an open-air theater featuring free classical music concerts and acclaimed international films, a planetarium, an open gym for early morning jogging and tai chi

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