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Nassau, Bahamas

, ''Avalon'' is notable as the band's only platinum record in the US. Bryan Ferry's girlfriend (and soon-to-be wife) Lucy Helmore appeared on the cover wearing a medieval helmet and carrying a falcon, evoking King Arthur's last journey to the mysterious land of Avalon and continuing the tradition for Roxy Music albums to feature images of women on the cover artwork (though perhaps less apparently than previous albums). The lush arrangements and synthesizer drenched sound


. Much of the London slang about money is believed to have been imported from India by returning servicemen during the nineteenth century. The terms ''monkey (Wiktionary:monkey)'', meaning £500, and ''pony (Wiktionary:pony)'', meaning £25, are believed to have come from old Indian rupee banknotes, which used to feature images of those animals. Another money slang word, ''nicker (Wiktionary:nicker)'', which means £1, is thought to be connected to the American '' Wiktionary:nickel

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