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Creston, British Columbia

and the first church, outside of the missionary church on the Lower Kootenay Band reserve, was built in 1906. The first resident doctor, Dr. Henderson, arrived in 1908, and the first hospital opened in 1930. Creston has a high number of buildings, downtown, that are or feature art deco architecture, and is one of the art deco capitals of western Canada (for its size). Creston was incorporated as a village in 1924, and as a town in 1966. Notable current and former residents


, and there are other larger parks throughout the town. The Memorial Gardens, on the eastern side of Queen's Square, feature art displays, children's play areas and lawns, and a plaque commemorating those who died in two Second World War bombing incidents in 1943 and 1944. Goffs Park in Southgate covers , and has lakes, boating ponds, a model railway and many other features.

Portland, Oregon

''In A Different Light'' when most of the band lineup was jettisoned by Art Alexakis. "PKFHSPKFHS feature Art Alexakis Everclear Feature" '''' March 4, 2010. By mid-2009, he began working with Lo-Pro again to finish up, and tour in support of, their two releases, the ''Letting Go EP'' and ''The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge.'' '''''Marketplace''''' is a radio program


Arnold Bode in 1955 as part of the Bundesgartenschau (Federal Horticultural Show) which took place in Kassel at that time. This first documenta featured many artists who are generally considered to have had a significant influence on modern art (such as Picasso and Kandinsky). The more recent documentas feature art from all continents; nonetheless most of it is site-specific (Site-specific art). The latest documenta, the documenta XII, was from 16th of June until 23rd

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