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Highland Park, Los Angeles

and nationalities began noticing the trend-setting fashion designs and the store became increasingly popular. By the end of the first year sales were reported to have risen from $35,000 to $700,000. Fashion 21 eventually expanded at the rate of a new store every six months and changed the Fashion 21 brand name to its current name, Forever 21. In the mid-1930s, the 14th District included Eagle Rock, Highland Park (Highland Park, Los Angeles) and Atwater (Atwater Village), with the western boundary at Griffith Park "Do You Know Who Your City Councilman Is?" ''Los Angeles Times,'' March 24, 1935, page 22 Includes a map. District 14 has included Eagle Rock and Highland Park (Highland Park, Los Angeles) since its limits were first drawn in 1925. As the city's population increased, it expanded outward — the most recent addition under Holland being the Rose Hills (Rose Hills, California) section of Los Angeles.


* In 1997, Barbie's body mold was redesigned and given a wider waist, with Mattel saying that this would make the doll better suited to contemporary fashion designs.


at the market sell their own individual fashion designs and creations. Street includes a restaurant, Coffee house and a night club. thumb 300px right Medborgarplatsen and Medborgarhuset (Image:Forsgrenska Medborgarhuset Södermalm Stockholm 2005-08-11.jpg) '''Medborgarplatsen''' (literally ''Civic Square'') is one of the largest squares in Stockholm. It is located on Södermalm and is often colloquially referred to as "''Medis''". The square was once called ''Södra

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