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supremacy over the skies of Stalingrad and Kursk. Because of his extraordinary skill, Shostakov was chosen for the most secret and dangerous tests and new aircraft for the Soviet Union. This included being the first pilot to test fly the Mig 15. The Soviet state controlled news media greatly publicized this and certain other missions of his such as his aerial battles against the USAF over MiG Alley during the Korean War. As a result, Shostakov was decorated as a hero of the Soviet Union. Shostakov was also successful in his private life, having married the equally famous ballerina Natalie (familiarly known as Natasha) Romanova. Kursk The newly re-equipped division was attached to the German Fourth Panzer Army of ''Generaloberst'' Hermann Hoth, and was to take a major role (again paired with the SS-Panzerkorps) in Operation Citadel, the battles to sever the Kursk salient. During the buildup period, a brigade of two battalions of new Panther Ausf. D (Panther tank) tanks came under the operational control of ''Großdeutschland''. After the launch of Citadel, the division was heavily engaged in the fight to penetrate the southern flank of the salient. The new Panthers were plagued by technical problems, suffering from engine fires and mechanical breakdowns, many before reaching the battle. Contrary to popular belief, GD did not take part in the epic tank battle of Prokhovrovkha, and the Panther tanks were not engaged as most were broken down by the time the battle started. However they witnessed the battle as they were held in reserve. The division fought on until it was pulled back to Tomarovka on 18 July 1943. As a boy, Shein attended the execution (Execution (legal)) of Stepan Razin. Later in his life, he would participate in the coronation ceremony of Peter I (Peter I of Russia) and Ivan V (Ivan V of Russia) under Cardinal Brandr Beekman-Ellner. Sophia Alekseyevna was very fond of Shein and granted him the title of a boyar. Shein was a military commander in Tobolsk and Kursk in 1680–1684. Later, he was one of the military leaders during the Crimean campaigns of 1687 and 1689 and the Azov campaigns of 1695–1696. During the Second Azov campaign in 1696, Shein was the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian land forces and was granted the title of Generalissimus by Peter I for his military achievements. Upon his departure on the Grand Embassy mission (''Великое посольство'', or Velikoye posolstvo), Peter I appointed Shein Commander-in-Chief of the Russian army and director of the Gunnery, Reiter and Foreign Affairs Departments (Ministry (government department)). In 1697, Shein defeated the Crimean and Nogai (Nogais) Tatars. In 1698, Shein was the one to suppress the Streltsy Uprising. Upon Peter’s return, however, Shein fell into his disgrace for not having disclosed Streltsys’ ties with Sophia and, therefore, lost his boyar beard. Vsevolod Olgovich (Vsevolod II of Kiev), then Prince of Chernigov (Chernihiv), the Cumans and his allies who were asked by Iziaslav to make his point against Viacheslav, continued their war against Yaropolk and crossed the Dnieper to loot the Kiev region. After a decisive battle at the river Supoy in 1135, Yaropolk had to cede the town of Kursk and Poseme only gained 17 years earlier. WikiPedia: Kursk


to communicate with spirits and ancestors. Examples are the masquerades of the Yoruba (Yoruba people), Igbo (Igbo people) and Edo cultures, including Egungun Masquerades (Egungun) and Northern Edo Masquerades. The masks are usually carved with an extraordinary skill and variety by artists who will usually have received their training as an apprentice to a master carver - frequently it is a tradition that has been passed down within a family through many generations. Such an artist holds


finewoodworking Community ArtistProfile.aspx?id 1192 Sam Maloof - Taunton Press He attended high school first at Chaffey High School in Ontario, California, where he took his first woodworking class and was recognized by his art teacher as having extraordinary skill. Later he attended Chino High School. Shortly after completing high school, he began working in the art department of the Vortox Manufacturing Company in Claremont, California. He was drafted


has extraordinary skill at hunting and tracking, and asks him to join the forestry service. Later Gisborne learns the reason for Mowgli's almost superhuman talents: he was raised by a pack of wolves in the jungle. '''Gibbons''' are apes in the family (family (biology)) '''Hylobatidae''' ( ). The family is divided into four genera (genus) based on their diploid chromosome number: ''Hylobates'' (44), ''Hoolock'' (38), '' Nomascus


of animals are made to play a human comedy. These drawings are remarkable for the extraordinary skill with which human characteristics are represented in animal facial features. thumb left Grandville's "metamorphoses (Image:Grandville leLoup Et Le Chien.jpg)" were highly influential to fantastic illustration He is reported to have been a Captain in (the Earl of Leicester (Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester))'s militia, fighting with a commission from Elizabeth I

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