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Chicken HUT Restaurant alt Ресторан Chicken HUT url http: ua email address Koniakina St. 30 lat 50.7613 long 25.3531 directions Inside shopping center Varshavskyi phone +380 332 283212 tollfree fax hours price content Fast food. "Chicken Hut" is an excellent combination of good service and tasty dishes. French fries, burgers, Happy Meals and different drinks are waiting for you. *


"Super Rookie", Nakamura impressed both NJPW officials and fans with an excellent combination of strength, speed, and technical skill. Nakamura also began training vale tudo and on December 31, 2002, he made his mixed martial arts debut in a match, where he was defeated by Daniel Gracie via submission to an armlock. Nakamura's second MMA match took place on May 2, 2003, when he defeated Jan Nortje with a guillotine

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