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Peace River, Alberta

to the south and to the east, and Mennonite and Hutterite German-Canadian farming communities to the north and northwest of the town. Peace River was the site of the 2004 Alberta Winter Games. In 2010, Peace River, in conjunction with Grimshaw and surrounding municipalities, jointly hosted the 2010 Alberta Summer Games. These Games are held every two years and are Alberta's largest sporting event. History After the last glacial ice sheets melted from the northern parts of the Canadian prairies, an ice-free corridor allowed people from Asia to make a way deep into the Americas. When the Ice Age ended, many of these groups moved back north following the large herds of grazing animals which were, in turn, following the grasses northward in the warming climate. In the Peace River area, the two major language groups were the Athapaskan and the Algonquian (Algonquian languages). In 1670, following the arrival of the Hudson's Bay Company in Eastern Canada, guns began making their way westward as trade goods and the Algonquian (Algonquian languages) speaking Cree began pushing the Athapaskan speakers Dunne-za or Beaver further west. The Beaver in turn pushed the Sekani deep into the Rocky Mountain Trench in the mid-18th century. A truce was eventually agreed to by the Cree and the Beaver and the great river they called Unchagah (the Peace River) became the boundary between their hunting territories. birth_place Peace River, Alberta, CAN (Canada) career_start 1985 DATE OF BIRTH July 31, 1963 PLACE OF BIRTH Peace River, Alberta, CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH


Flag claiming the territory for Israel, as depicted in the famous photograph of the event. History Mitzpe Ramon was founded in 1951 as a camp for the workers building the road to Eilat. The town's first permanent residents, immigrants from North Africa and Romania, settled there in the 1960s, and it became the southernmost of the Negev's development towns. The mayor is Flora Shoshan, sister of former Israeli defense minister Amir Peretz and wife of the former mayor, Sami


Strawberry festival is another popular tourist event. History Administrative district name, Geumsan-gun, have nowadays was originate from the union of old Geumsan-gun and Jinsan-gun on March 1, 1914. The old Geumsan-gun was in Baekje Age called Jinnae-gun or ''Jinnaeeul-gun'', and after Silla unified Three Kingdoms of Korea, its name was changed to ''Jinye-gun'' during the reign of King Gyeongdeok (Gyeongdeok of Silla). In 1305 (Goryeo Chungnyeol of Goryeo King Chungnyeol

Quebec City

Hockey Challenge - Event History url http: index.php ci_id 9719 la_id 1.htm accessdate 2009-06-23 publisher Hockey Canada That same year, he competed in his first of two consecutive European Junior Championships (European Junior Ice Hockey Championships). By 1651, Ville-Marie had been reduced to less than 50 inhabitants by repeated attacks by the Mohawk. Maisonneuve returned to France that year to recruit 100 men to bolster the failing colony. He had


varied, with particularly noteworthy contributions in the fields of Bayesian probability (Beta processes for use in non- and semi-parametric models, particularly within survival analysis and event history analysis, but also with links to Indian buffet processes in machine learning), density estimation and nonparametric regression (local likelihood methodology), and model selection (focused information criteria (Focused information criterion) and model averaging). An article on frequentist model averaging (Focused information criterion), with co-author Gerda Claeskens, was selected as ''Fast Breaking Paper in the field of mathematics'' by the Essential Science Indicators in 2005. He has also worked with spatial statistics, statistics of remote sensing, pattern recognition, etc. The Dutch system has inspired science shops in nations across Europe such as Denmark, Austria, Germany, Norway, the UK, Belgium and Romania. Moreover, there are currently science shops in countries outside of Europe such as Canada. The University of Waterloo Science Shopin Canada is a community service centre for knowledge transfer. Science Shops around the world are linked through the International Science Shop network Living Knowledge. '''Øyvind Bolthof''' (born March 30, 1977) is a Norway Norwegian football (football (soccer)) goalkeeper (Goalkeeper (association football)). He has played for TSU Tbilisi, Tbilisi (FC Norchi Dinamo Tbilisi), FC WIT Georgia, AC Siena and FC Dinamo Tbilisi. In the 2005 season Melkadze was the topscorer in the Georgian Premier League scoring 27 goals in 31 matches for FC Dinamo Tbilisi. The Norwegian (Norway) club Vålerenga (Vålerenga IF Fotball) bought him ahead of the 2006 season, Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway

Soviet Union

minutes, with some exceptions. In 1925, a group of 43 political prisoners (communists and anti-fascists), led by Teohar Bakardzhiev, revolted and escaped from the island, subsequently fleeing to the Soviet Union. In their honor, the island was renamed Bolshevik Island when the communists came into power in 1945. Bulgarian film director Rangel Valchanov based his 1958 film ''On The Small Island'' ( ) on this event. History ''The White

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