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, is a reference to the United States Forest Service's mascot Smokey Bear. After Bart has flooded the school gym, Skinner can be seen wiping mud off his eyes in an homage to American actor Oliver Hardy. A scene in the episode shows Marge standing in front of the tank Bart has stolen. The scene is a reference to Tank Man, the anonymous man who stood in the way of a column of tanks the morning after the Chinese military


'', and Walker asks Trivette for the title of the book. When Trivette tells him, and mentions that it was written by Chuck Norris, Walker gives the impression that he's never heard of Norris (although he does correct Trivette on the number of world karate championships Norris had won). This episode shows that Chuck Norris exists in the show's fictional universe. LineColor FF00FF The divisions between Asia and Europe occur at the Ural Mountains, Ural River and Caspian Sea


"Simpsons Tall Tales" has been described as a "skewed" retelling of old tales. The beginning of the episode shows the family winning a trip to Delaware. This is a reference to the end of "Behind the Laughter", in which Homer is seen watching an episode of ''The Simpsons

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thought she was a college student. It was first broadcast on the Fox network (Fox Broadcasting Company) in the United States on May 12, 2002. Jean thought the idea was "brilliant," and the subplot involving Bart in a "germ-free" plastic bubble was conceived by the writers wanting to make "the most different subplot from ... an intellectual college plot" they could think of. A scene in the episode shows Lisa talking to Bart on the branch of a tree in their garden

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