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Kish Island

creditable educational national and international experiences, creating the foundations for all social classes to benefit from educational possibilities, the development of applied sciences regionally, and the promotion of university education levels through holding courses with creditable universities home and abroad. Activities carried out in the educational section on general education, basic education, and higher education are presented as follows: KFZO has made efforts to create educational

Staten Island

, and was well acquainted with the bacteriological investigations of Robert Koch and others. He fully supported the creation of the Hygienic Laboratory. '''Wagner College''' is a private, co-educational, national liberal arts college with an enrollment of approximately 2,400 total students located atop Grymes Hill in New York City's borough of Staten Island. The college is regionally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. *'' The Visitor


, ensuring that Asian cargo ships are plugged into natural power, and sharing technology and resources between the ports. '''Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)''' ( , formerly known as '''北京工业学院'''), is a leading public (Public university), co-educational, national key university (National Key Universities), located in Beijing, China. Established in 1940 in Yan'an (延安), the university used to be administered by the Commission of Science, Technology

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