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Lynnwood, Washington

thumb right upright Snoqualmie Hall, a building shared by Edmonds Community College and Central Washington University, 2007 (Image:EdmondsCCSnoqualmie-Hall.jpg) * Central Washington University- Lynnwood offers bachelor's degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Elementary Education, Food Service Management, Social Sciences, Information Technology and Administrative Management, Law and Justice, Mathematics: Teaching Secondary, Safety and Health Management as well as a master's degree


. This venture, which was housed in a small hut in Marikina, proved to be the enterprise that would catapult Mr. Tan to success. From this flagship company emerged numerous successful ventures in agribusiness; airlines and related services; banking, finance and securities; brewery; chemicals; distillery and alcohol; education; food; hotel; manufacturing; property development; steel fabrication and construction; and tourism and travel services. File:JustinYifuLin hiswife Bookfair2009.jpg thumb

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Schools . It operates five high schools, eleven middle schools, and over thirty elementary schools, serving 31,568 students (nearly 3% of Indiana's K-12 population) in 2010-2011. http: about.php FWCS's current superintendent is Dr. Wendy Robinson. FWCS is divided into several departments, including Technology, Transportation, Curriculum, Continuing Education, Food Services, and Communications. *Delete. To ChrisErbach; The bar for high schools is very high. Stuyvesant High School, for example. The problem is, we all went to high schools. I would encourage you to try again, because something tells me any high school has enough history to make an article, it just takes research. jericho4.0 (User:Jericho4.0) 07:42, 28 Oct 2004 (UTC) * Merge into Fort Wayne, Indiana and delete -Skysmith (User:Skysmith) 08:34, 28 Oct 2004 (UTC) **This vote suggests we violate Wikipedia policy and copyright law and is invalid. anthony (User:Anthony DiPierro) 警告 (User:Anthony_DiPierro warning) 12:15, 29 Oct 2004 (UTC) *'''Delete'''. Ichthus Festival is also no longer just one festival. Ichthus Ministries now has other satellite festivals. One is a one day, 4 staged festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana which was held on September 25, 2010. See the Ichthus Fort Wayne website http: index.php?option com_content&view article&id 119&Itemid 167 Ichthus Fort Wayne featured top names such as Switchfoot, Relient K, Red (Red (band)), Thousand Foot Krutch, BarlowGirl, The Almost, KJ-52, Disciple (Disciple (band)), Family Force 5, Sanctus Real, and more for the 2010 festival. See the Ichthus Fort Wayne website http: index.php?option com_content&view article&id 106&Itemid 163 Another festival owned by Ichthus Ministries was held in Pikeville, Kentucky on October 23, 2010. However, the artists for this have not been announced yet. See the Ichthus Fort Wayne Website http: index.php?option com_content&view article&id 120&Itemid 168



University of Guelph, Canada (cooperation in Food and Science Technology) '''''Drop-In''''' was a Canadian (Canada) television series for youth broadcast on CBC

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