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;A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes" published in 1919). Siddiqi, Asif, "Deep Impact: Robert Goddard and the Soviet Space Fad of the 1920s", ''History and Technology'' 20:2 Zander took advantage of this by promoting Tsiolkovsky's work, and developing it further. Together with Vladimir Vetchinkin and members of a rocketry club at the airforce academy, he founded the Society for Studies of Interplanetary Travel. In an early publication, they would


after 1944.


before, Under some jurisdictions, the priority claim need not be made upon filing. In the specific example used for instance, i.e. filing the patent application in the United Kingdom, Ms. A does not have to declare priority claim on filing. She has actually until 16 months from the claimed priority date to provide the number and certified copy of the earlier application using Patents Form 3 and paying £40, provided there was no early publication of new application (see Patent Rules

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