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, their causes and results, created a documentary episode, titled ''Cleared For Disaster (List of Mayday episodes#Season 9)'', about the accident. The '''Nissan Murano''' is a mid-size crossover SUV (Crossover (automobile)) first introduced by Nissan in December 2002 and sold as a 2003 model. Nissan ventilated the Murano as its first crossover SUV for the United States and Canada. Initially designed at Nissan America in La Jolla, California, the first generation Murano

Canadian television series ''Mayday'' (Mayday (TV series)), which examines aerial incidents, their causes and results, created a documentary episode, titled ''Ghost Plane'', about the disaster. Discovery Channel UK (United Kingdom) also produced a 45-minute documentary about the accident, titled ''Aircrash Unsolved: The Mystery of Flight 522''. ''Vidal Blanc'' was developed in the 1930s by French (France) breeder Jean Louis Vidal; his primary goal in developing the variety

United States

symptoms were attributable to over-use of prescription drugs. The story was dramatized in the book and movie, ''Reversal of Fortune''. Sunny von Bülow lived almost 28 years in a persistent vegetative state until her death in a New York nursing home on December 6, 2008. The American (United States) television series ''Biography (Biography (TV series))'' produced and aired a documentary episode titled "Claus von Bülow: A Reasonable Doubt", with interviews of Claus Von Bülow

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