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can be seen in the proliferation of newspapers and diverse publications, of which the majority is published in Abidjan. class "toccolours" border "0" cellpadding "2" cellspacing "10" style "margin:auto; margin:0.5em;" style "vertical-align:top; font-size:100 %;"

United States

of Charles M. Schwab'' and ''In Defense of the Corporation'', and he is the editor of the multi-volume series ''Hoover Archival Documentaries''. He has featured shorter works in such diverse publications as ''The New York Times'', ''Barron's (Barron's (newspaper))'', ''Business History Review'', ''Labor History'', ''The Hastings Law Journal'' and the ''Journal of Law and Economics''. His essays defending capitalism and presenting a private-property-and-contractual model of corporations

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