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Santa Tecla, El Salvador

on December 22, 2003. The agricultural products that are cultivated are the basic grains, balsam, sugar cane, coffee, grass, hortenses plants, cocoa, and fruits. They also develop the bovine, equine and pig cattle, the raising of poultries and the beekeeping. It also stands out the textile industry and the productions of candles, soaps, furniture, clothes, footwear, dairy products, and many diverse products and liquors. '''Eliseo Antonio Quintanilla Ortíz


; ref thumb 350px View over Sanandaj (File:SnahWide.JPG) '''Sanandaj''', also called "Senna" is a city in the Kurdistan Province (Kurdistan (province)) of Iran. Sanandaj occupies a fertile valley in the Zagros Mountains. The city is a major manufacturing and retail trade center with many diverse products, including carpets, cotton textiles, leather, metal ware, cutlery, pottery, wood furniture and wood crafts, milled rice, refined sugar


diverse products. Multinational companies such as Wal-Mart, Telefonica, Union Fenosa, and Parmalat have offices and operations in Managua. Managua is also home to all of the major banks of the nation, Banco de la Producción (BANPRO), Banco de América Central (BAC), Banco de


resource led to Redcliff being promoted as the "Smokeless Pittsburgh of the West". This drew industries that manufactured diverse products such as shoes, gloves, cigars, trucks, bricks, glass, and flour among others. A cyclone that ravaged several of these businesses started a decline in Redcliff's economy. The war Commons:Category:Pittsburgh WikiPedia:Pittsburgh Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Pennsylvania Localities P Pittsburgh

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