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Puebla, Puebla

churches whose façades and domes display glazed tiles of many colours, often arranged in Arabic designs. The interiors are densely saturated with elaborate gold leaf ornamentation. In the 18th century, local artisans developed a distinctive brand of white stucco decoration, named "alfenique" after a Pueblan candy made from egg whites and sugar. The pressure to build the most opulent home possible reached its height in the last half of the 18th century. Nobles leveled old


and 70’s progressive rock, Voivod forged a distinctive brand of heavy music that often relied on lyrical themes such as Reagan (Ronald Reagan)-era Cold War politics, post-apocalyptic literature and science fiction. ''Killing Technology'' (1987) began the band's evolution in earnest, with the character from Voivod's album covers (drawn by drummer Away and named as "Korgull" on 1986's ''Rrroooaaarrr'') significantly being depicted in a spaceship. Drawing more heavily


. During her four years at the helm, she completed tasks such as singing up 60 corporates to become Champions, the distinctive brand ‘Leeds, Live it, Love it’ being adopted across the city, and showcasing Leeds in Spain, Germany and Italy. The town's name means ''New Breisach'', referring to the German (Germany) town Breisach, located on the other side of the Rhine. '''Schloss Wilhelmshöhe''' is a palace located in the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel, Germany

United States

Listings: KAZTDT2 (KAZT-DT2), October 2, 2010 url http: tvlistings list&fromTimeInMillis 1286002800000&stnNum 61548 work Zap2it accessdate September 20, 2010 Her debut single, "A Time Like This", reached the Top 5 in the US (United States) Hot Dance Club Play Chart (Hot Dance Club Songs), and established her distinctive brand of soulful funk pop (pop music). Via a succession of singles - including a couple of tracks

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