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%80%A8-the-case-of-hue-vietnam Advancing green growth in the tourism sector: The case of Hue, Vietnam , Kyoko Kusakabe, Pujan Shrestha, S. Kumar and Khanh Linh Nguyen, the Asian Institute of Technology, Chiang Mai Municipality and the Hue Centre for International Cooperation, 2014 Research by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network has identified traditional ‘garden houses’ as having the potential to increase tourist traffic and revenue. Apart from the environmental

, economic and cultural benefits provided by garden houses, their promotion could pave the way for other low carbon development initiatives. Advancing green growth in the tourism sector: The case of Hue, Vietnam, Kyoko Kusakabe, Pujan Shrestha, S. Kumar and Khanh Linh Nguyen, the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2014 In popular culture The second


offices in Anguilla provide only very limited services locally. At the same time, changes in U.S. law has made forming an offshore captive more of a concern. Anguilla aims to obtain 15% of its energy from solar power so it is less reliant on expensive imported diesel. The Climate & Development Knowledge Network is helping the government gather the information it needs to change the territory's legislation, so it can integrate renewables into its grid. Barbados, have also made good progress in switching to renewables, but many other SIDS are still at the early stages of planning how to integrate renewable energy into their grids. “For a small island we’re very far ahead,” said Beth Barry, Coordinator of the Anguilla Renewable Energy Office. "We’ve got an Energy Policy and a draft Climate Change policy and have been focussing efforts on the question of sustainable energy supply for several years now. As a result we have a lot of information we can share with other islands.” Fry, Carolyn. 28 June 2012. Anguilla moves towards cleaner energy Transportation WikiPedia:Anguilla Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Anguilla commons:Anguilla


, Domingos Augusto Macucule and Charlotte Allen, the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2014 Infrastructure thumb The Hotel Polana (File:Hotel Polana.jpg) The central area of Maputo corresponds to a planned city with square blocks and wide avenues, with Portuguese traces and their typical architecture of the 1970s. After the Carnation Revolution (1974) military coup in Lisbon, Portuguese refugees fled in massive numbers close to the date of independence (1975

Marshall Islands

-of-climate-leadership-at-upcoming-pacific-islands-forum ?loclang en_gb NEWS: Marshall Islands call for “New wave of climate leadership” at upcoming Pacific Islands Forum Climate & Development Knowledge Network. Downloaded July 31, 2013. The Marshall Islands are threatened by the potential effects of sea level rise. ''Storm Surges, Rising Seas Could


was an oversight. The 200-page Action Plan, developed with support from the Climate & Development Knowledge Network, sets out the Government of Kenya's vision for a 'low carbon climate resilient development pathway'. At the launch in March 2013, the Secretary of the Ministry of Planning, National Development and Vision 2030 emphasised that climate will be a central issue in the renewed Medium Term Plan that will be launched in the coming months. This will create a direct and robust delivery framework

for the Action Plan and ensure climate change is treated as an economy-wide issue. NEWS: Kenya’s National Climate Change Action Plan is officially launched, Climate & Development Knowledge Network, 28 March 2013 class "wikitable" style "font-size:90%;" + style "line-height:1.0em;" - !style "text

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