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; Playfair, p. 216. Ritchie's defences in the northern half of the front comprised well dug in mutually supporting Brigade Group positions protected with wire and minefields. To the south of this, in order to extend the front and force any potential enemy flanking force to travel a long distance and also hamper its resupply, the defences consisted of two Brigade group defensive "boxes" linked by thickly sown minefields and wire. The first box, held by British 150th

Saudi Arabia

;defensive" supremacism practised by some Muslim immigrants in Europe. Bassam Tibi, Ethnicity of Fear? Islamic Migration and the Ethnicization of Islam in Europe, John Wiley & Sons online, June 2010. Other writers posit a “poisonous, violent, Islamic supremacist creed” Mark W. Smith, ''The Official Handbook of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 2008: The Arguments You Need to Defeat


and to provide Gustav with an excuse to declare a "defensive" war on Russia. In 1963, Lutosławski fulfilled a commission for the Music Biennale Zagreb, his ''Trois poèmes d'Henri Michaux'' for chorus and orchestra. It was the first work he had written for a commission from abroad, and brought him further international acclaim. It earned him a second State Prize for music (Lutosławski was not cynical about the award this time), and Lutosławski gained an agreement for the international publication of his music with Chester Music, then part of the Hansen publishing house. His String Quartet was first performed in Stockholm in 1965, followed the same year by the first performance of his orchestral song-cycle (song cycle) ''Paroles tissées''. This shortened title was suggested by the poet Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm


searching for an increase in honey production, Warwick E. Kerr accidentally released Africanized bees in Brazil. The "especially defensive" Africanized bee species expanded into the north and south Americas. In 2006, Osbourne became the face of the high street chain Accessorize in a campaign which was seen across Europe, Canada, Russia, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and the Middle East. In the spring of that year


to represent James at Venice. Conversely, Operation Wacht am Rhein (Watch on the Rhine) was deliberately named to suggest the opposite of its purpose - a defensive "watch" as opposed to a massive blitzkrieg operation, just as was Operation Weserübung (Weser-exercise), which signified the plans to invade Norway and Denmark in April 1940. Algeria, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Austria


of Military History , CBI Background. Chapter: "China Defensive" General Claire Lee Chennault, the USAAF Fourteenth Air Force commander, thought the projected tonnage levels were overly optimistic and doubted that such an extended network of trails through difficult jungle could ever match the amount of supplies that could be delivered with modern cargo transport aircraft. Xu, http

United States

in Kunming, China. Stilwell's staff estimated that the Ledo Road route would supply 65,000 tons of supplies per month, greatly surpassing tonnage then being airlifted over the Hump to China. Sherry, Mark D., ''China Defensive 1942-1945'', United States Army Center of Military History, CBI Background. Chapter: "China Defensive" General Claire Lee Chennault, the USAAF Fourteenth Air Force

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