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in Phoenixville, PA. ''The Best Years of Our Lives'' is notable for cinematographer Gregg Toland's use of deep focus photography, in which objects both close to and distant from the camera are in sharp focus (Focus (optics)). Kehr, Dave. ''The Best Years of Our Lives''. ''The Chicago Reader''. Retrieved: April 26, 2007. For the passage of Fred Derry's reliving a combat mission while sitting in the remains of a former bomber, Wyler used "zoom" effects to simulate an aircraft's taking off. Orriss 1984, pp. 121–122 A copy of a finished, 99-minute film

Jacksonville, Florida

and Marineland of Florida. Upon its release, the movie was shown in Jacksonville, Florida and theatres in mostly southern states. Lyons, Mike. "Longtime Local Horror Movie Still A Hit"''First Coast News'' (October 28, 2009) It was shown on July 11, 2009 in Atlanta deep-focus Content?oid 1281240


'', was reportedly a victim of budget-cutting within the ranks."

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