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and showed an aptitude for drawing and calligraphy. He attended Boston Latin School and in 1941 he entered Tufts University, where he achieved Phi Beta Kappa honours and wrote his first poems. He was excused from service in World War II for medical reasons and graduated in 1945. align center 3:19 Boston, Massachusetts, United States MMA debut. Early life Huey Lewis was born in New York City. His father, Hugh Anthony Cregg II, was an Irish American


that nation its first Oscar win. It also won the Prix Louis Delluc, the Prix de l'Académide du Cinéma and the César Award for Best Debut. Early years The son of Polish-born Swiss parents, Zumbach was registered as a Swiss (Switzerland) citizen and hid his nationality in order to join the Polish army (Polish Land Forces) in 1934. He served as an infantryman until 1936 when he transferred to the Polish Air Force. After graduating from flying training in 1938 he was posted to ''111 Eskadra Mysliwska (Polish 111th Fighter Escadrille)''. Early life Born near Beaune, in the Côte-d'Or department of France where his Swiss (Switzerland) parents had emigrated to a few years earlier, he was the younger brother of Louis (Louis Chevrolet) (1878–1941, founder of the Chevrolet car company) and Arthur Chevrolet (1884–1946). After brother Louis emigrated to the United States and earned enough money, he sent for Gaston and Arthur to join him. Once there, Gaston worked as an automotive mechanic and joined his brothers in auto racing. Born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchatel (Canton of Neuchâtel), Switzerland, Arthur was the middle brother of Louis (Louis Chevrolet) (1878–1941, founder of the Chevrolet car company) and Gaston Chevrolet (1892–1920). After brother Louis immigrated to America (United States) and earned enough money, he sent for Gaston and Arthur to join him. Once there, Arthur worked as an automotive mechanic and joined his brothers in auto racing. In 1911, he competed in the inaugural Indianapolis 500 but had to drop out after 30 laps when his Buick developed mechanical problems. residence Italy nationality Swiss (Switzerland)-Italian (Italy) field Pharmacology Bovet was born in Fleurier, Switzerland. He was a native Esperanto speaker. http: people 736 000129349 He graduated from the University of Geneva in 1927 and received his doctorate in 1929. Beginning in 1929 until 1947 he worked at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. He then moved in 1947 to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (''Superior Institute of Health'') in Rome. In 1964, he became a professor in at the University of Sassari in Italy. From 1969 to 1971, he was the head of the National Research Council in Rome before stepping down to become a professor at the University of Rome La Sapienza. He retired in 1982. 21st century The village has now become a tourist location, attracting many Dutch (Netherlands), German (Germany), Swiss (Switzerland) and English (England) tourists to its many camp sites during the summer months. Although some tourists have started to renovate old cottages and set up permanent or holiday homes in the area. right thumb 292px The Adda at Crespi d'Adda (Image:Adda da Crespi.JPG) The '''Adda''' (Latin ''Abdua'', or ''Addua''; in Lombard (Lombard language) ''Ada'') is a river in North Italy, a tributary of the Po (Po River). It rises in the Alps near the border with Switzerland and flows through Lake Como. The Adda joins the Po a few kilometres upstream of Cremona. It is 313 kilometres long. The highest point of the drainage basin is the summit of la Spedla (a subpeak of Piz Bernina), at 4,020 meters. Francis, the son, was first educated in Charleston (Charleston, South Carolina), but was sent to London in 1768, after his father's death, and placed at Eton (Eton College). In 1774, after travelling through France, Italy, and Switzerland, he remained in Geneva with his friend Johannes von Müller, a Swiss historian. Though at first he had sympathized with the Tories, at the beginning of the American Revolutionary War he returned to Charleston, and received a captain's commission in the South Carolina militia. He was on Gen. Isaac Huger's staff at the attack on Savannah in 1779, and received a bullet wound. He then served on Gen. William Moultrie's staff until 1780, when he was sent to the Continental congress in Philadelphia for one year. While trying to escape from his house during “Simcoe's raid,” he was captured, but released on parole and returned home. 2010–11 On 25 August 2010, Cudicini saw his first official action for the club in nearly a year as a half-time replacement for the injured Gomes in the second leg of Tottenham's UEFA Champions League play-off round (2010–11 UEFA Champions League qualifying phase and play-off round) tie against Young Boys (BSC Young Boys) of Switzerland. commons:Confoederatio Helvetica

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