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Campos do Jordão

: acervo_english palacios palacio_boavista.html publisher The Artistic-Cultural Collection of the Governmental Palaces of the State of São Paulo trans_title Boa Vista Palace accessdate September 10, 2012 Demography *Total Population: 44,252 ** Urban: 43,809 ** Rural: 443 ** Male: 21,978 ** Females: 22,274 * Population Density (inhab. km²): 152.86 * Infant Mortality (0 to one year old) (per one thousand): 8.52 * Life Expectancy (years): 75.73 * Total Fertility Rate (Children per Woman): 2.18 * Literacy Rate: 92.28% * Human Development Index (IHDI): 0.820 ** IHDI-M Income: 0.763 ** IHDI-M Life Expectancy: 0.846 ** IHDI-M Education: 0.851 class "wikitable" - !Race !Percentage - White (White Brazilian) 83.9% - Multiracial 12.2% - Black (Black Brazilian) 2.3% - Asian (Asian Brazilian) 0.5% - (Source: IPEADATA) Economy The city's economy is based mainly on tourism; due to its location at high elevation in the Mantiqueira mountains, and traditional European-style architecture. Buildings are mostly vernacular architecture from German (Architecture of Germany), Swiss (Switzerland), or Italian (Architecture of Italy) models. Many of the wealthiest residents in the state of São Paulo have winter country houses here. Despite the high income of many visitors, the HDI (Human Development Index) (0.820 in 2004) of Campos do Jordão is not very high because the owners of the houses in the best neighbourhoods are not regular inhabitants; these houses are used only during the holidays. The city can be reached from São Paulo mainly by road through the Rodovia Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro. There is also a picturesque railroad from Pindamonhangaba, used mostly by tourists. At the end of the main road going through Campos do Jordão, there is a state park called Horto Florestal. thumb 250px left A shopping mall in a Swiss-inspired style, common in Campos do Jordão. (Image:Camposdojordao-01.jpg) thumb 375px center Araucaria angustifolia Brazilian Paraná pine (''Araucaria angustifolia'') (File:Auraucaria ang2.jpg) and local Atlantic Forest habitat, in Campos do Jordão municipality. WikiPedia:Campos do Jordão commons:Campos do Jordão


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