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Uzbekistan: National Singer Sherali Jo’rayev is Sixty. His Concerts - Banned by Authorities (In Russian) author date 26 April 2007 work Ferghana News publisher accessdate 29 January 2012 President Islam Karimov is said to disapprove of his critical lyrics. The singer avoids talking about it in public.


) and the Spartakusbund. He participated in armed uprisings in Halle (Halle (Saale)), Hamburg (Hamburg Uprising) and Berlin as well as in the strike against the Kapp-Putsch. He earned his living as a traveling book salesmen for the Thüringen Ministry of Culture, specializing in political literature: social critical lyrics, as well as novels depicting the hardships of the working class. He published his first volume of workers poetry “Neue Saat” (new seed) in 1919. Berlin days


inspired by artists like Christophe Miossec, Mickey 3D have become known for rocking songs with critical lyrics and unusual sound elements. Their greatest commercial success ''Respire'' reached Switzerland's top 10 in 2004. Argentina Argentina’s biodiesel industries are booming as a result of domestic demand along with strong export markets. Biodiesel production in Argentina grew from 130,000 tons in 2006 to 2.5 millon tons in 2010, expecting to produce 3 million tons by 2011

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