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Jacksonville, Florida

Biography accessdate 2011-11-01 last Huey first Steve work Allmusic publisher Rovi Corporation Most of Molly Hatchet album covers feature heroic fantasy inspired art, some of which were painted by artist Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo.


at Scar End still remains. Autechre, as with a significant number of Warp Records artists, have long maintained a strong link with Sheffield-based graphic design company The Designers Republic. As a result, Autechre's artwork often echoes the distinctly modern, sharp, occasionally minimal style the studio is renowned for. While often digital and abstract in nature, certain covers feature recognisable themes and imagery, such as the rock formations on ''Amber'', the circle of black


-creator, with singer composer Eduardo di Capua, of the world famous song, "'O Sole Mio". The DVD covers feature a similar but different skyline, keeping the World Trade Center, Golden Gate Bridge, Big Ben, Sydney Opera House, and Red Square. Several skyscrapers added include 40 Wall Street (Two of them), Empire State Building, 500 5th Avenue, the Flatiron Building, World Financial Center, and several Los Angeles Skyscrapers including

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