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2001) was an English astronomer and mathematician noted primarily for his contribution to the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis and his often controversial stance on other cosmological (Cosmology) and scientific matters—in particular his rejection of the "Big Bang" theory, a term originally coined by him out of ridicule for the main rival of his own theory. Horgan, J. (1995) ''Profile: Fred Hoyle &


controversial stance, at a time when the American union was beginning to split over slavery. commons:Boston


the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, then called the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, awarded Aykroyd a "Snuffed Candle" award, for "contributing to the public's lack of understanding of the methods of scientific inquiry." In the 1820s, Lawrence became a prominent public figure—a vocal supporter of railroad construction for economic benefit, a very controversial stance at the time. He

United States

; A. Lawrence and Co. It continued until Amos's death, and became the greatest wholesale mercantile house in the United States. He was an ardent protective tariff protectionist

for Forest Park (Forest Park (St. Louis)) at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, is the official Missouri State Arboretum. Missouri State Arboretum - - Retrieved January 30, 2009 The school is governed by a state-appointed Board of Regents (Board of Governors) and headed by President Dr. John Jasinski. The controversial stance of the Roman Catholic Church towards anti-Jewish violence was criticized

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