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of these jurisdictions distinguish two main forms of action - ''signification'' (serving process) and ''notification'' (notice). Bailiffs are only responsible for service of process. The controversial scientific name of this species was given by Charles Lucien Bonaparte, Napoleon's nephew and a republican (Republicanism) idealist, who described the bird from a badly damaged trade specimen purchased by British ornithologist Edward Wilson (Edward Wilson (1808-1888)). In doing so, he beat John Cassin, who wanted to name the bird in honor of Wilson, by several months. Thirteen years later, in 1863, the German (Germany) zoologist Heinrich Agathon Bernstein discovered the home grounds of the Wilson's Bird-of-paradise in Waigeo Island. The '''Biikebrennen''' (in German (German language)), '''Biikebrånen''' (in North Frisian (North Frisian language)) or '''Pers Awten''' (in Danish (Danish language)) is an annual celebration held on 21 February in North Frisia (Nordfriesland), in the German (Germany) state of Schleswig-Holstein and in South Jutland. '''Carl-Friedrich Arp Ole Freiherr von Beust''', generally called '''Ole von Beust''', born April 13, 1955, in Hamburg, Germany, was First Mayor of the city-state (''Freie und Hansestadt'') of Hamburg (Mayor of Hamburg) from 31 October 2001 to 25 August 2010, serving as President (President of the German Bundesrat) of the Bundesrat (Bundesrat of Germany) from 1 November 2007 on for one year. Commons:Category:Germany Wikipedia:Germany Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany

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