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for professional achievement and civic contribution, including Fellowships of the American Physical Society and the California Academy of Sciences; the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship; Honorary Professorships at Fudan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of Physics), Shenzhen University, and Peking University; the Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award by the United Nations Association; the Golden Key of the City of San Francisco; “Chia-Wei Woo Day” was declared by the Mayor of San Francisco. He was National President of the National Association of Chinese-Americans during 1984-86. He was the U.S. China Olympics Liaison for the 1984 Olympics (1984 Summer Olympics) held in Los Angeles. In 1991, he received a Distinguished Alumnus Award from his alma mater, Washington University (Washington University in St. Louis) 240px thumb right Playground at Main campus, behind which lies Yuelu Mountain (Image:Athletic field, Central South University (Changsha, Hunan Province).jpg) CSU has full-time college students 33800, graduate students 15796, overseas students 408. The faculty-student ratio is about 1:8. Among its faculty members, there are 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), 13 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). Wang Dianzuo is an academician of both CAS and CAE. There are also 2 deceased academicians. ) born in Minqing Country, Fujian Province, China, growth in the East Malaysia in his youth, is a world-famous Chinese hepatobiliary (hepatobiliary system) surgery scientist and surgeon, who is currently an acadamecian at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is generally considered as the "Father of Chinese Hepatobiliary Surgery", and has been awarded the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award, which is the nation's highest scientific prize in 2005 by president Hu Jintao.He is now working in the Second Military Medical University of China. 1950-1966, Ye served as a division director and professor at the Institute of Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. From 1966 till now, he was the chief director and later the honorary director of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (IAP CAS). 1981-1984, he was the vice-president of Chinese Academy of Science. From 1984, he was also an advisor of Chinese Academy of Science. one of the two pupils of Xuanzang , his work was revered and heavily influenced Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism. *Jingshan Jiang, former director of Center for Space Science and applied Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy chief designer of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program and an aerospace expert of China's 863 Program, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, International Eurasian Academy of Sciences and a member of CN COSPAR (Committee on Space Research) *Bai Lei, Chinese football player The university and its teaching hospital originally had a total faculty of more than 9000, including one academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and three from Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). http: view 912137.htm The institutional council is made up of a selection of international advisors, such as a representative of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (w:Chinese Academy of Sciences). Another member is Erik Möller of the Wikimedia Foundation (w:Wikimedia Foundation) Board of Trustees.

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