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forecasting tool, complications of Parkinson's disease. Cuba Harvest 01.jpg thumb right Manuel Rivera-Ortiz : Tobacco Harvesting, Valle de Viñales, Cuba 2002 A contemporary documentary photographer is Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, who documents the lives of people in developing countries. Rangefinder, The Magazine for Professional Photographers, April 2008, pg. 126 Affected by his own experience of growing up poor in rural Puerto Rico , Rivera-Ortiz has photographed Cuba ConXion Magazine (a Gannett publication) cover story, August 2004 India, Democrat & Chronicle December 17, 2006, cover story, Section C Commons:Category:Puerto Rico WikiPedia:Puerto Rico Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Puerto Rico


, a holding company whose interests include the Barcelona water company Aigües de Barcelona. Agbar corporate Web site He studied history at the Sorbonne in Paris, France, receiving his license and Maîtrise (Master's degree) (Master's) degrees. While researching the history of racial prejudice against Africa by its colonisers for his Maîtrise, Kaboré was drawn to contemporary

documentary films which, he felt, continued to propagate such stereotypes. To better understand the "language of cinema", he decided to go to ESEC film school. Originally intending to use film as a medium for disseminating historical knowledge, he gradually grew passionate about film for its own sake. He received his degree in Film Production in 1976. He returned to his native country to be director of the Centre

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