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mention: in 1693. Date of foundation: 1718. Construction years: 1718-1746. *

. Date of foundation: 1885. Construction years: 1885-1892. *

center, on a side street in the yard Krasnoflotskoye Trinity Church. - Tram 1 or 2 to 'Улица Чкалова' phone tollfree fax hours price content The architectural style: classicism. Author of the project: Losev A.I. The first mention: in 1802. Construction years: 1802-1805. Condition: Good. *


of Kiev Pechersk Lavra in Kiev, the current capital of Ukraine, was finished. Construction years: 1731-1745. Biography Rachel was born in Saratov She was born in Saratov according to Encyclopaedia Hebraica and the book "Rachel" (ed. Uri Milshtein, 1993.) According to Biography and bibliography from the Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature, she was born in Vyatka (later renamed Kirov

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