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Shuyang County

, and others are within 50 minutes. Water transport The Lianyungang-Suqian Canal connects the Lianyungang Port and the Grand Canal (Grand Canal (China)) is under construction. Public transport Minsheng, the government-operated bus service, provides public transport throughout the metropolitan area. No.1 Bus Lines and No.2 Bus Lines provide bus services between the urban area and towns through their county-wide public transport system. Taxi There are six local


and education. It was again awarded the "Green City" prize in 2014, where the parameters measured included: energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, recycling and waste separation, water and sewage, environment-friendly "green" construction, public gardens, environmental education, beauty of the city, environment-friendly "green" commerce and industry, care of urban public grounds and nature, and urban management. ref name "ReferenceB">


such issues as: *Community health care *Vaccinations for children *Waste recycling *Green belts and urban trees *Environmentally friendly construction *Public toilets (These are available throughout the city, are staffed, and well maintained.) *Sewage treatment *Communications *Noise pollution The groundwater is of international standard WikiPedia:Haikou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Hainan Haikou


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