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Kitchener, Ontario

the Breuckmann family, and in 1853 Berlin became the County Seat of the newly created County of Waterloo, elevating it to the status of Village. Post 1850 The extension of the Grand Trunk Railway from Sarnia to Toronto (and hence through Berlin) in July 1856 was a major boon to the community, helping to improve industrialization in the area. Immigrants from Germany, mostly Lutheran and Catholic, dominated the city after 1850 and developed their own newer German celebrations

Green Bay, Wisconsin

(United States) Democratic Party . She was the 43rd (List of lieutenant governors of Wisconsin) Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin. She became the first woman elected to the position in 2002, as the running mate of former Democratic Governor (List of Governors of Wisconsin) Jim Doyle. Lawton was re-elected on November 7, 2006. During thirty-five years living in the Green Bay (Green Bay, Wisconsin) area, Barbara Lawton was active in the community, helping to co-found the Greater Green

Montgomery, Alabama

baggage room, he finally became a Pullman car porter. Years before the bus boycott, Nixon had started campaigning for voting rights and civil rights for African-Americans in Montgomery. He served as an unelected advocate for the African-American community, helping individuals deal with uncooperative white office holders, policemen, and civil servants. In 1940, Nixon organized 750 African-American men to march to the Montgomery County courthouse and attempt to register to vote. In 1954, he

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