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investments and tax incentives have turned the surrounding region into a major industrial center (the Free Economic Zone of Manaus). Manaus sprawls (Urban sprawl), but the center of town, the Centro where most of the hotels and attractions are located, rises above the river on a slight hill. As the largest city and a major port on the river, Manaus is commercial. Local industries include brewing, shipbuilding, soap manufacturing, the production of chemicals, computers, motorcycles


2000's to support the 2010 Winter Olympics and the Pacific Gateway transportation initiative. However, the freeze was largely left in place for the Vancouver Island TCH which was becoming seen mostly as a commercial local service corridor isolated from the increasingly high-mobility highway networks on the Canadian mainland. thumb Westbound through the Canadian Rockies Rockies (Image:CCF05292007 00007.jpg) The Trans-Canada Highway, uniformly designated as Highway 1 in the four

Northern Ireland

there are tight restrictions on religious groups setting up their own radio and TV stations, there is a legal requirement for the BBC and ITV to broadcast a certain amount of religious programming. Some commercial local radio stations carry a limited amount of religious programming, particularly in Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland Its next incarnation was as part of RAF Fighter Command. As 1940 wore on, the need for another Group headquarters to control fighter

Republic of Ireland

and MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service) operation, and have secured carriage on the formerly NTL (NTL Ireland) owned digital cable system in Dublin. It is the first attempt at a commercial local television network in Ireland and indeed the first attempt at a commercial cable-only channel in the country. '''Mark Killilea, Jnr''' (born 5 September 1939) is a former Irish (Republic of Ireland) Fianna Fáil party politician from

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