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and an actress. Juana Molina started her career in 1988 as a comedic television (Television comedy) actress in Argentina on the show ''La Noticia Rebelde''. She later starred in ''Juana y sus hermanas'', a hit sketch show across the Spanish (Spanish language)-speaking world, for which she remains better known in Latin America. Appearances in other media In 2004, Molina voiced The Incredibles' Elastigirl (Elastigirl (The Incredibles)) for the Argentine (Argentina) dub (Dubbing (filmmaking)) of the film. Both Priebke and Kappler sought Vatican assistance after the war. Priebke escaped from a British prison camp in 1946 and fled, first to the Tyrol and then back to Rome, whence, using false papers supplied by the Vatican "rat line" (Ratlines (World War II)), he emigrated to Argentina. He was unmasked on camera in 1994 during a television interview by ABC television reporter Sam Donaldson, brought back to Italy for trial, and sentenced to house arrest. Kappler unsuccessfully sought asylum within the Vatican. Tried by the British and sentenced to life imprisonment in Rimini, in 1977 he successfully escaped from a Roman military hospital where he had been undergoing treatment for cancer. He died unmolested the following year at his home in Soltau, West Germany, the West Germans having refused Italian requests to extradite him. After the war, SS-Hauptsturmf├╝hrer Hass was captured by the Allies, but rather than being brought to justice for his war crimes, he was apparently employed by the United States Army Counter Intelligence Corps to spy on the Soviet Union. Only Herbert Kappler was ever charged with the Ardeatine cave massacre. In the early 1990s, Capt. Erich Priebke, who had helped Karl Hass with the executions, was interviewed in Argentina by an American (United States) television crew and as a result of the ensuing uproar in Italy was eventually extradited to stand trial. In exchange for immunity, Karl Hass returned to Italy to testify against Priebke. However, on the night before he was due to testify, Hass decided against testifying against his old colleague, and attempted to flee from his hotel room by climbing down from an outside balcony. He seriously injured himself after slipping and falling from the balcony and was taken to hospital where he ultimately gave testimony to Court officials. In the court records, Karl Hass admitted to executing two civilians but defended his actions by claiming he was only following orders, a defense which has been ruled invalid ever since the Nuremberg trials. *On 18 September 1948, Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina

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it is commonly but erroneously called ''syringa'', which is in fact a different lilac genus (Syringa). thumb Ricky Fataar behind the drums in 2008. (Image:Ricky Fataar 2008.JPG) '''Ricky Fataar''' (born 5 September 1952) is a South African multi-instrumentalist of Malay (Malay (ethnic group)) descent, who has performed as both a drummer, and a guitarist. He gained fame as an actor in the comedic (Comedy) television movie, All You Need Is Cash ''The Rutles: All You Need

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