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be often over priced in Lefkara, due to a large number of tourists flocking there, especially during the tourist season. *Opening hours for most shops are M-F 9AM-1PM 3PM-7PM (siesta time in between, outside of the tourist area most smaller shops are not open on Wednesday afternoons) and Saturdays 9AM-2PM. Only some convenience stores (Periptero in Greek) would be open 24 hours on all days. Eat Kebab can be optimum for a relatively cheap, fresh and filling meal. Be careful with colourful

"tourist" cafes since those are often over-priced and offer low quality conventional sandwiches or ''English Breakfasts''. Mousaka or Kleftiko are popular, however your best bet (especially if you are hungry), is a '''traditional Cyprus Meze''' (either of the meat or fish variety), which usually includes a myriad of small hot and cold dishes for a reasonable price. Try targeting restaurants that cater for the locals. You should not encounter a client waiter language barrier

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