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Bancroft, Ontario

show displaying the work of four regional high schools. The gallery gift shop displays the paintings and fine crafts of area artists and the AGB boasts a permanent collection including some of Ontario's finest artists. The town is home to the "Village Playhouse", http: a theatre which has been hosting sold out plays, musicals and concerts since the early 1990s. Formerly the Bancroft Community Hall, this historical building was once the local jail, court house and library. Transportation thumb 225px right Old train station (in 2006) (Image:Old station Bancroft ON.JPG) Bancroft lies at the intersection of two provincial highways, Highway 28 (Ontario Highway 28) and Highway 62 (Ontario Highway 62), with several other inroads allowing access to the city. Bancroft is served by a small airport, Bancroft Airport, with a 2,200 foot (670 m) crushed gravel runway, located immediately adjoining the town. The airport is operated by the Bancroft Flying Club and is freely available to the general public. Due to high terrain near both ends of the runway, pilots typically use a non-standard circuit, following the York River valley through the town for departing from runway 12 or landing on runway 30. The Central Ontario Railway arrived in November 1900 connecting Bancroft with Trenton. The railway went through the Musclow-Greenview road and extended behind Birds Creek through a back trail (which is now used for cyclists and fourwheeling) and continued through the town eventually going further away from the town at the 'Y' road division. The line was closed in 1975 and subsequently removed. The Bancroft, Irondale and Ottawa Railway connected Bancroft with Kinmount, Ontario. The line was purchased by the Canadian Northern Ontario Railway which became part of the Canadian National Railways in 1918. The line was abandoned in 1960. The old train station in Bancroft served as the Chamber of Commerce and Mineral Museum until it was condemned in 2008. The Chamber, Mineral Museum, and Art Gallery relocated to other sites in the town. In 2011, the old station was moved onto a new foundation; http: Tedford_House_Movers Photo_Albums Pages Bancroft_Train_Station.html it is now restored with an addition at the southern end of the building to house the Bancroft Gem and Mineral Club’s museum http: blog tag bancroft-railway-station and a caboose, which is not currently in use. http: chmss news use-of-the-caboose Media Print *Bancroft Times, an independently-owned weekly (5000 copies, paid circulation) founded 1894. http: *Bancroft This Week *North Hastings Advertiser Radio * FM 97.7 - CHMS (CHMS-FM) ("Moose FM (Vista Broadcast Group)"), hot adult contemporary (Adult contemporary music) * FM 99.3 - CBLV (CBLA-FM), rebroadcaster of CBC Radio One * FM 103.5 - CKJJ (CKJJ-FM) (rebroadcaster of UCB Canada), Christian Music Television *Channel 2: CIII-TV-2 (CIII-TV) - rebroadcaster of Global Television *Channel 4: CHEX-TV-1 (CHEX-TV) - rebroadcaster of CBC Television Climate The company operates eight retail stores, located in Bobcaygeon, Minden (Minden, Ontario), Bancroft (Bancroft, Ontario), Lindsay (Lindsay, Ontario), Uxbridge (Uxbridge, Ontario), Huntsville (Huntsville, Ontario), and Peterborough (Peterborough, Ontario) and Barrie.


of Russia's history. *


https: en articles 2006 10 spai-o17.html publisher World Socialist Web Site date 17 October 2006 accessdate 9 June 2014 Roca reportedly claimed to control the town after Gil's death. At the height of his wealth he was one of the richest men in Andalucia, having accumulated several hotels, ranches with more than 103 thoroughbred horses and fighting bulls, a private jet, a helicopter, 14 vintage cars, 5 kilos of jewelry, and a 275 piece art collection including

Fort Collins, Colorado

Space and Michaud Lane. The Fort Collins Bicycle Library lends bicycles to visitors, students, and residents looking to explore the city of Fort Collins. There are self-guided tours from the "Bike the Sites" collection, including a Brewery Tour, Environmental Learning Tour, and the Historic Tour. The Bike Library is centrally located in the heart of downtown Fort Collins in Old Town Square. In 2013 the League of American Bicyclists designated Fort Collins as a Platinum-level Bicycle


* Protestant Great Church (Protestant Great Church of Debrecen) (''Nagytemplom'') * City Park (''Nagyerdő'') and spa * Déri Museum (art collection including paintings of Mihály Munkácsy; also has a collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts) * Flower Carnival of Debrecen WikiPedia:Debrecen Commons:Category:Debrecen


the beginning of the Museum, a host of studies in archeology, anthropology, linguistics and ethnography. The institution is probably the largest repository of such Amazonic collections in the world, with more than 81,000 pieces in the archeological collection, including lithic and ceramic artifacts, and more than 14,000 pieces in the ethnographic collection, including indigenous cultures (indigenous people of Brazil) from Brazil, Africa, Peru and Suriname. The linguistics sector studies many aboriginal languages. Notes * Wikipedia:Suriname Dmoz:Regional South America Suriname Commons:Category:Suriname

Scranton, Pennsylvania

, television and the stage. On October 30, 1986 the US Congress passed legislation creating Steamtown National Historic Site as a unit of the National Park Service, Department of the Interior. The newly created Park is located in the former Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad yards in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In 1989, the Steamtown Foundation donated the remaining railroad collection, including UP 737, to the National Park Service. The National Park Service


and intelligence collection including spying". Kenya: We have hacked al-Qaida laptop, UPI (United Press International), 30 January 2007 Mohammed is believed to "be very good with computers". '''Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah''' ( ; born about 1963) is an Egyptian national wanted ref name "


Wikipedia:Haifa Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Haifa Commons:Category:Haifa

Hamilton, Ontario

and the Five Days Following, at Bangs and Merwin, 694 & 696 Broadway, New York.'' Joseph Sabin and Sons, Printers, New York. 556pp. Note: The collection, including many rare and one-of-a-kind items, fetched $42,262.69 at auction. As a boy, he attended grammar school of Racine College. After graduating from Harvard University in 1883, Rice was admitted to the bar in in Chicago in November 1884. He married Minnie (Hale) Angier on 8 August 1889 in Chicago, Illinois and they had

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