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Jacksonville, Florida

. state) Georgia Downtown Jacksonville (Jacksonville, Florida) to Callahan (Callahan, Florida) The original route through South Jacksonville (South Jacksonville, Florida) is unknown. Role in 2008 presidential election Senator John McCain played a major role in Crist's 2006 campaign for governor, endorsing Crist and traveling the state to campaign with him. The day before the general election, Crist chose to hold a campaign event with McCain in Jacksonville, Florida

White House

the location where Lewinsky had been photographed with President Clinton at a campaign event not long before the 1996 election; this photograph would become an iconic component of the media coverage of the scandal. Mayflower Hotel also setting in Clinton-Lewinsky scandal 2008-03-10 John Kerry, the Democratic Party (Democratic Party (United States))'s


in the Senate as the head of major congressional committees and his experience on foreign policy. Despite speculation to the contrary, Biden rejected the notion of accepting the position of Secretary of State, focusing only on the presidency. At a 2007 campaign event, Biden said, "I

United States

. The Capps campaign was an indirect beneficiary of an 18-month campaign to defeat Seastrand that saw the labor unions spend an estimated $3.2 million, an amount that exceeded the warchests of the Capps and Seastrand campaigns combined. While driving home from a campaign event during the summer of 1996, Capps' vehicle was struck by a drunk driver. Capps was seriously injured and was unable to actively campaign until the final few weeks of the campaign. Despite his absence from the campaign trail

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