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NHS Scotland

of the NHS Board. Primary care services such as GPs and pharmacies would continue to be contracted through the NHS Board. Primary care was now also considered part of the remit of Community Health Partnerships (CHPs), structures based largely on local authority boundaries and serving up to 100,000 people and including local authority membership of their Boards. Some now also provide social care now called Community Health & Care Partnerships border "0" cellpadding "2"

Oakville, Ontario

Council provides further artistic talents in the town showcasing films, literary figures and visual arts. CommUnity Arts Space The Town of Oakville boasts many not-for-profit artistic, musical and cultural groups. These groups have been struggling to develop membership and programming due to lacking physical spaces. The groups joined forces in 2004, advocating for a shared space for arts, music and culture in Oakville, spearheaded by an advocacy group called CommUnity Arts Space (CUAS

Concord, New Hampshire

television show in the Boston area called ''Community Auditions'' at age 15. At seventeen, she performed stand-up comedy in a restaurant, singing a song she called "Mammaries." death_date He attended Yale University, where

Birmingham, Alabama

stations which previously used the myFox interface (plus co-owned NBC television affiliate WHO-TV in Des Moines, Iowa) launched redesigned Web sites through Tribune (Tribune Company) Interactive. This was a result of a management agreement between Local TV and Tribune Broadcasting, forming a separate division (controlled by Tribune) called Community Television (which became the licensee for seven of the former Fox O&Os), which operates all of the television stations owned by Local TV


, community and private sectors to address local problems, allocate funding, discuss strategies and initiatives. They aim to encourage joint working and community involvement, and prevent 'silo working' (i.e., different agencies that share aims working in isolation) with the general aim of ensuring resources are better allocated at a local level. In Scotland, equivalent partnerships are called Community Planning Partnerships and in Wales Local Service Boards. http

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