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Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Fair Shopping Elizabeth City's shopping districts are generally centered on the Historic Downtown CBD (Central Business District), the Ehringhaus Street US 17 Business (U.S. Route 17 in North Carolina) strip, Hughes Boulevard US 17, or the newest outgrowth, the City Center West Halstead Boulevard Extended Weeksville Road NC 344 (North Carolina Highway 344) corridor. *'''Historic Downtown Elizabeth City''' Home to small Mom-and-Pop shops, lively local restaurants


''' is a neighborhood (neighbourhood) in the Northwest Philadelphia section of Philadelphia. It is located between East Mount Airy (Mount Airy, Philadelphia), East Germantown, Cheltenham, Montgomery County (Cheltenham, Pennsylvania), East Oak Lane (East Oak Lane, Philadelphia), and Fern Rock. Ogontz Avenue runs generally north, then northwest as the spine of the neighborhood and the main business strip. The neighborhood was developed primarily between the early 1920s and late 1930s

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