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English and studying Spanish in Argentina before shifting into the news business. Playing career Upon being selected by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the tenth round of the 1994 NHL Entry Draft, Berezin played in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) for the Kölner Haie (Cologne Sharks) where he registered 137 total points in 88 games played. From 1990-1994 Sergei played in Russia for Khimik Voskresensk (Atlant Moscow) where, in 1993-1994, he picked up 41 points in 40


a while, with Ken Gnanakan deciding to study, leaving Biddu alone in the business, playing under the name 'Lone Trojan'. As the 'Lone Trojan' he played to enthusiastic crowds in a fancy night club called "Venice" in Bombay located opp. the Eros movie theater. Success in Asia (1980s) In the late 1970s, Western disco was getting popular in Asia and particularly in India, where there was not yet any home-bred musician who could belt out a disco tune or two with ease and authority. It was this reason that led established Indian filmmaker (Cinema of India) and actor Feroz Khan to England and to Biddu, in 1979. Khan wanted to introduce a catchy song in his upcoming Hindi film (Bollywood), ''Qurbani (Qurbani (1980 film))'', in which the main score of the film was to be legendary Indian music duo, Kalyanji Anandji. Biddu initially wasn't interested in composing a Hindi film song, but later took it up as he would say years later, "I thought it would keep my mum happy (back home in India)". About the same time Khan happened to come across 15 year old Nazia Hassan at a party in London. Khan later requested Hassan have an audition with Biddu. Biddu later signed her up for the song he was composing for ''Qurbani''. ACET International Alliance is now a network of independent national AIDS care and prevention programmes, sharing the same values, many in the poorest parts of the world. It is active in 23 countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Belarus, Georgia (Georgia (country)), Kazakhstan, India, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Nigeria. Most of these use the name ACET and almost all are run by nationals who are accountable to their own national boards, but seeking to co-operate together and share resources. The Alliance is supported by ACET UK. Maharaja '''Karni Singh''' (21 April 1924 – 4 September 1988), in full ''HH Maharajadhiraj Raj Rajeshwar Narendra Shiromani Maharajah Sri Dr Karni Singh Bahadur'', also known as '''Dr Karni Singh''', was from 1950 the last ruler of the princely state of Bikaner State, as part of India. He was also a politician, serving as a member of the Lok Sabha for twenty-five years, from 1952 to 1977, and an international clay pigeon (clay pigeon shooting) and skeet (skeet shooting) champion. Group combat box revisions In October 1943 the first radar-guided Pathfinder group (482d Operations Group) began operations, bringing about a need for a compact 36-plane group formation to optimize bombing performance in adverse weather conditions. This was done initially by doubling the number of three-plane elements in a squadron formation from two to four, and placing all three planes within an element at the same altitude to avoid collisions. LeMay, who had been promoted to command of the 3rd Bomb Division (3d Air Division), devised this diamond-shaped 12-plane combat box and preferred it over others, so that in August 1944 when he took command of Operation Matterhorn in India he adopted it as the basic formation for B-29 Superfortresses. "The Matterhorn Missions", John T. Correll, ''AIR FORCE Magazine'', March 2009. A variation of the formation using four 9-plane squadrons in a diamond formation was developed to compress the bombing pattern further. '''''The Calcutta Chromosome''''' is a 1995 English-language (English language) novel by Indian author Amitav Ghosh. The book, for the most part set in Calcutta at some unspecified time in the future, is a medical thriller (Thriller (genre)) that dramatizes the adventures of apparently disconnected people who are brought together by a mysterious turn of events. The book is loosely based on the life and times of Sir Ronald Ross (Ronald Ross), the Nobel Prize winning scientist who achieved a breakthrough in malaria research in 1898. The novel was the recipient of the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 1997. '''Sanjeev Rajput''' is an Arjuna Awardee (Arjuna Award) Indian shooter (sport shooting) from Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. He won the bronze medal in the Men's 50m Rifle Prone at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. He contested in the men's 50 m rifle prone event at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, but failed to reach the finals. He also contests in the men's 50 m rifle three positions. Commons:Category:India Wikipedia:India Dmoz:Regional Asia India

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