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Portuguese Guinea

Biographical Dictionary'', 1994, p. 73. By 1967, the PAIGC had carried out 147 attacks on Portuguese barracks and army encampments, and effectively controlled 2 3 of Portuguese Guinea. The following year, Portugal began a new campaign against the guerrillas with the arrival of the new governor of the colony, António de Spínola. Spínola began a massive construction campaign, building schools, hospitals, new housing (houses) and improving telecommunications and the road


350px Facade of the main building, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the State University of Campinas. The '''Faculdade de Engenharia Elétrica e Computação da Universidade Estadual de Campinas''' (College of Electrical (Electrical engineering) and Computer Engineering of State University of Campinas) is one of the most famous Engineering institutes in Brazil. It was created in 1967 on UNICAMP's main campus in Campinas, state of São Paulo (state) São Paulo

Fargo, North Dakota

throughout the world. Oak Grove began as a one building school house that housed mostly Norwegian (Norway) school girls. The dormitories that housed students were closed in 2001. Students who originally hailed from outside the state or out of country may now live with host families. High school and college Helling attended Lakota High School in Lakota, North Dakota for three years, before graduating from Shanley High School in Fargo, North Dakota. He was a letterman in football (American football), basketball, and baseball. In football, he was a three-time All-Conference honoree. zoo_name Red River Zoo location Fargo (Fargo, North Dakota), North Dakota, USA (United States) coordinates at Grand Forks, North Dakota (w:Grand Forks, North Dakota). Manitoba officials feel that this year flooding should not be as bad as the 1997 flood. Polish (Poland) and Chinese (China) experts have come to survey the Red River Floodway, and Dennis Walaker (w:Dennis Walaker), mayor (w:mayor) of Fargo, North Dakota (w:Fargo, North Dakota) recognises the need for Red River flood defences down river. "Every town that you drive by from the Canadian (w:Canada) line up to Winnipeg is either elevated or ring-diked," said Walaker. Saberi has dual-citizenship as an Iranian-American, and she grew up in Fargo (w:Fargo, North Dakota), North Dakota. She lived in Iran for six years while working as a journalist for news media organizations including the BBC (w:BBC). On January 31, four members of the Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of Iran (w:Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of Iran) took her from her home to face charges of spying for the United States. She was convicted and sentenced to eight years in jail, however this was reduced to a suspended sentence of two years. After returning to the United States, Saberi met with U.S. Secretary of State (w:United States Secretary of State) Hillary Clinton.

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