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to help trains up the steep grade out of Picton (Picton, New Zealand). Modern Competition In 1974 senior competitions began in Christchurch (The Canterbury Australian Rules Football Association) http: assoc_page.cgi?c 1-4739-0-0-0&sID 58255 , Auckland (Auckland Australian Football League) http: history.html and Wellington. Badcock's recently published first book, ''Passing People'' provides


;infects" him. Apparently symptoms of Darkwing-itus involve one's face turning green and spotted, and is accompanied by uncontrollable sneezing. After the war, Risner wrote the book ''Passing of the Night'' detailing his 7 years at the Hanoi Hilton. Indeed, a considerable literature emerged from released POWs after repatriation, depicting Hoa Lo and the other prisons as places where such atrocities as murder; beatings; broken bones, teeth and eardrums; dislocated limbs; starvation; serving of food contaminated with human and animal feces; and medical neglect of infections and tropical disease occurred. These matter-of-fact details are revealed in famous accounts by McCain (''Faith of My Fathers''), Denton, Alvarez, Day, Risner, Stockdale and dozens of others.

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