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Kingdom of Libya

Standard of Idris I (Idris of Libya) (1951–1969) The flag of the Kingdom of Libya was adopted when Libya gained full independence in 1951. It consisted of a white star and crescent on a triband red-black-green design, with the central black band being twice the width of the outer bands. The design was based on the banner of the Senussi dynasty from Cyrenaica, which consisted of a black field and star and crescent design, and was later used as the flag of the region


David with Welsh Red Dragon.png thumb right Proposed version of the Flag of Saint David, defaced (Defacement (flag)) with the Welsh Red Dragon flag (Flag of Wales) in the first quarter (canton). The '''flag of Saint David''' ( WikiPedia:Wales Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Wales commons:Wales - Cymru

United States

radio actor, best known for his leading roles as Jim Anderson, the father of ''Father Knows Best'' (NBC and then CBS) and as physician Marcus Welby in ''Marcus Welby, M.D.'' (ABC (American Broadcasting Company)). Mission insignia The two stars in the black field of the mission patch indicate the flight's numerical designation in the Space Transportation System's mission sequence. The patch also includes an image of a bald eagle

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