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Port Colborne

2006_median_age_m 43.5 2006_median_age_f 46.1 2006_total_pvt_dwell 8,519 2006_total_pvt_dwell_usual 7,791 2006_mean_hh_income 49,404 2006_access_date 2009-02-24 :::N A Data Not available Notable people * Tony Dekker, singer songwriter of folk band Great Lake Swimmers * Ted 'Teeder' Kennedy (Ted Kennedy (ice hockey)), NHL hockey player * Helen Alice Kinnear, the first woman to be appointed judge by the federal government (Government of Canada) * Bronco Horvath

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

of Nova Scotia . * Kris MacFarlane, the drummer for Canadian folk-rock band Great Big Sea. * Peter MacKay, federal Conservative politician, currently serves as Minister of Justice and Attorney General * Jillian MacLaughlin (List of Big Brother 1 HouseGuests (Canada)#Jillian), winner of season 1 of ''Big Brother Canada''. * Bill McEwan, President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Sobeys Inc. * Jon Sim, professional ice hockey player with the Bridgeport

Stratford, Ontario

Manning , Graham Van Pelt of Miracle Fortress, Darren Dumas of The Salads, John Till, who backed Janis Joplin, and Ken Kalmusky, who played with Ian & Sylvia's Great Speckled Bird (Great Speckled Bird (band)). During their early careers, Manuel, Till and Kalmusky were members of the Stratford group, The Revols, and later became members of Ronnie Hawkins' (Ronnie Hawkins) backing group, The Hawks. Ken Kalmusky's son David Kalmusky, is a Juno awarded


Canada Mike Mintenko Mattew Rose Adam Sioui Rick Say - The Canadian (Canada) folk rock band Great Lake Swimmers recorded part of their 2009 album ''Lost Channels'' at Singer Castle. The album includes an interlude consisting of 48 seconds of the castle Bell

Hannula suspended four games and fined work IIHF News url http: news iihfpr5406.htm date 2006-08-08 accessdate 2006-08-11 archiveurl http: web 20060721161738 http: news iihfpr5406.htm archivedate 2006-07-21 '''Bob Hallett''' is a founding member of Canadian (Canada) folk-rock band Great Big Sea and continues to play with them today. Croft Aerodrome was home to a number

and Labrador , Canada) is a singer and musician (playing bodhran, shakers, tin whistle and guitar) in the band Great Big Sea. '''Belledune''' (2006 population: 1,711) is a Canadian (Canada) village in Gloucester County (Gloucester County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick. After training at various sites across Canada he was assigned to No. 408 Squadron

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