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Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon named George Olsen. Fischer learned of Olsen's background as a graduate of a high school military school and leader of drum and bugle bands (Drum and bugle corps (modern)). Quickly, Olsen was named Drum Major of the University of Michigan Band. Career Savage made his pro debut in 1962 in Macon, Georgia using the ring name Lonnie Brown,


in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada. Pat Thomas is probably the most famous Ghanaian-Canadian musician. Other emigres include Ghanaian-American Obo Addy, the Ghanaian-Swiss Andy Vans and the Ghanaian-Dutch Kumbi Salleh. In Ghana itself during the 1980s, gospel (gospel music) and reggae became extremely popular. The Genesis Gospel Singers were the most widely-known gospel band. Career Before entering politics, Mowat trained as a lawyer, and, on January 27, 1836

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