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Kenzō Tange

paul_noritaka_tange.html title International Luxury Lifestyle Forum year 2010 work publisher location archiveurl archivedate accessdate 24 October 2010 Awards ''From the Japanese Wikipedia article'' Japan *Architectural Institute of Japan best picture award (Ehime Prefectural Museum) (1954) *Architectural Institute of Japan Special Award (National Indoor Stadium) (1965) *Order of Culture (1980) *Architectural Institute of Japan Award (1986) br>

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White House

into the National Aviation Hall of Fame (1983), the International Space Hall of Fame (1988), the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame (1998), Aerospace Walk of Honor (1990), The Glen A. Gilbert Memorial Award (1990) and the National Air and Space Museum Trophy (2000). Posthumously, he has been awarded the Hoyt S. Vandenburg Award, the Paul Tissandier Diploma, the Victor A. Prather Award, and the Donald D. Engen Award. National service career After his time in the Senate, Wofford


Karun''' ( ; born 1 January 1952) is a National Award (National film award)-winning Indian film director and cinematographer. His debut film ''Piravi'' (1988) won the Caméra d'Or - Mention d'honneur at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival. He was the Premiere Chairman of the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy, the first academy for film and TV in India and was also the Executive Chairman of International Film Festival of Kerala from 1998 to 2001

on the Ramayana. In 1979 Zawgyi won the National Literary Award (Burma National Literature Award) for "''Nin-la-hè chit dukkha'' (''Damn You, Broken Heart'') and Other Short Stories", and in 1987, another for "Ancient Bagan and Other Poems". ref name "sz"

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