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Port Colborne

, named to commemorate the long-standing efforts of a local resident who devoted hours to the museum. The community features theatre venues with the professional Showboat Festival Theatre and the amateur Port Colborne Operatic Society. Port Colborne Operatic Society, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada The company has been presenting annual productions since its inception in 1945. Port Colborne is home to the Port Colborne Lions


lends itself to ecclesiastical buildings, stately homes and ruins, and has rapidly become very popular in France where about 50 annual productions take place, principally in the Loire Valley

seventies the Ontological has been funded by the NEA, NYSCA, as well as many other foundations and private individuals. In the early 1980s a branch of the theater was established in Paris and funded by the French (France) government. The theater is currently located in the historic St Mark's Church in-the-Bowery in New York City's East Village (East Village, Manhattan) neighborhood, and serves as a home to Foreman's annual productions as well as to other local and international

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