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Cornwall, Ontario

is represented federally by MP (Member of Parliament#Canada)) Guy Lauzon (Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada)). John Sandfield Macdonald, the first Premier of Ontario, was from Cornwall, and is buried in St. Andrews West at the Catholic Church cemetery. Culture left thumb Montreal Road (File:Cornwall ON 2.JPG) The city of Cornwall hosts festivals and special community events including; Canada Day festivities, and Kinsmen Cornwall Lift Off, an annual hot air


recreation, within a 20 minutes drive of either city. This includes: skiing (cross-country and downhill), mountain biking (cross-country and downhill), hiking, canoeing, camping, rock-climbing and bird-watching. *

Hamilton, New Zealand

tournaments, held annually: the Northern Superleague competition (based in Auckland, also including Hamilton (Hamilton, New Zealand)), The Central Superleague competition (based in Wellington, also including Manawatu, Taranaki and Napier and the Southern Superleague competition (based in Christchurch). thumb Night glow (File:BoW nightglow1.jpg) at the festival '''Balloons over Waikato''' is an annual hot air balloon festival held in Hamilton, New Zealand


events and festivals throughout the year. One of the most well-known is the annual hot-air balloon race, which is held the first weekend in June each year. thumb left 200px Max Stirner's birthplace in Bayreuth (File:MaxStirner'sbirthplace.jpg) Stirner was born in Bayreuth, Bavaria. What little is known of his life is mostly due to the Scottish (Scotland) born German writer John Henry Mackay, who wrote a biography of Stirner (''Max Stirner - sein Leben und sein Werk

United States

''', a thoroughbred race track in East Boston, Massachusetts, United States opened in 1935. Famous horses that have raced at this track include Seabiscuit, Whirlaway, Funny Cide and Cigar (Cigar (horse)). The MassCap is held there, as well at the annual Hot Dog Safari (Hot dog day#Boston Hot Dog Safari). The track is a one-mile dirt oval with a seven-furlong inner turf track. When poker became a popular saloon game in the United States in the middle

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