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War . He was elected to the Legislative Council in 1923 as member for Victoria (Masvingo) and served as minister for mines & works under Charles Coghlan (Charles Patrick John Coghlan). He succeeded as premier after Coghlan's death in 1927 (his title was later changed to Prime Minister). Background The town lies just north of the Limpopo River about 1 km from the Alfred Beit Bridge which spans the Limpopo River between South Africa and Zimbabwe. The main

Puerto Vallarta

. They, and the locals, understand the value of visitors and make life very difficult for those who may consider preying on visitors. Avoid confrontations with the police. In the event you do have a disagreement with them, expect to be treated poorly and expect to pay many a peso to regain your freedom. Respect and co-operation goes a long way with them, disrespect usually will not be tolerated. For digestive issues, use Immodium. It is sold over the counter & works for most issues. Beach

Hamilton, New Zealand

in the early 2000s with its shelter to Minogue park, where it was united with an open seating wagon built on the underframe of wagon W 960, built in 1946 and converted to Way & Works wagon E 7784 in April 1966. In the Frankton business area there are a former McKenzie & Holland 'Home' signal and an old motor trolley on display. The railway settlement From the arrival of the railway in Hamilton, Frankton was a railway town. In 1923, the suburb became even more railway-orientated


Jinnah . He also served as Federal Minister Communication & Works (1951–53) in Prime Minister Hussain Shaheed Suhrahwardy’s Cabinet. Sughra's mother took on Col. Abid’s mantle, becoming the first women in Pakistan’s history to be elected chairperson of a district Government, and the first women ever in Pakistan to be elected as a Member of National Assembly. Syeda Abida Hussain, Sughra's mother, remained Member of Punjab Assembly during 1972-77, Member of National Assembly 1985-88, 1988

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