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Addis Ababa

just behind the Sudanese restaurant, near Desalegn hotel phone tollfree fax hours price content Decent pizza, and one of the only delivery services available in Addis that does not require bulk orders. Pizza tends to arrive cold. * '''Brick-oven Pizza''' across the street from Wanza hotel. Has an amazing green chili sauce. * '''Bruno's''', Meskel Flower Rd, across from the Dreamliner hotel (look for the Italian themed gate). A quiet, tucked-away Italian restaurant, it has

Lower Saxony

DATE OF DEATH 1945-03 PLACE OF DEATH Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Lower Saxony, Germany Hildesheim Town Hall (Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates Hildesheim Town Hall) thumb Hildesheim (Image:Hildesheim_um_1900.jpg) Town Hall in Lower Saxony, Germany, ca. 1895. A striking image of an awesome building. Check out the detail in the avenue on the left. Amazing green hues in the trees against the beige sky. A 28mb TIFF is available if anyone wants higher res, or to do some cleanup or adjustment. I was impressed enough is it is. Currently illustrating Hildesheim, it may become the starting point for the Photochrom or Photochrome article (the process used to create this picture, a sort of hybrid between photography and lithography). territories of the present-day States of Germany German states of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, and North Rhine-Westphalia - officetype BPOL-Direktion officename Commons:Category:Lower Saxony Wikipedia:Lower Saxony Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Lower Saxony


-Zur — a desert town on the Euphrates River bank *Hama — waterwheels *Homs — an ancient city by the Orontes river, amazing green mountains in Spring *Latakia — a major port city, Saladin's Castle, Fronloq Forests and Al Samra Beach near Kasab *Tartous — a historical port city and historical small island called Arwad Other destinations *Apamea — a former Roman city which once housed about half a million people. Apamea was hit by an earthquake in the 12th century and much of it was destroyed but it still boasts a long street lined with columns, some of which have twisted fluting. *Bosra — a Roman city in southern Syria close to the Jordan frontier noted for the use of black basalt stones and its well preserved theatre *Crac des Chevaliers — the archetypal Crusader castle, magnificently preserved and not to be missed *Dead Cities — A series of towns which once formed part of Antioch. They have long since been abandoned but make an interesting stop for tourists. Al Bara boasts pyramidal tombs and formerly grand archways set on modern farm land. Serjilla is another famous dead city *Der Mar Musa — not a tourist site, but an active Christian monastery actively promoting Islamic Christian dialogue. Welcomes Christians and followers of other religious traditions. It is 80 km north of Damascus. *Palmyra — magnificent ruins of a Roman city, in the middle of the desert. It can be considered the main attraction in Syria. *Saladin's Castle — a quiet gem in a valley with pine trees about 37 km inland from Latakia *Salamieh — Salamiyah is an ancient city which was first known during Babylonian times in 3500 BC; contain Shmemis castle, Greek temple of Zeus, The old Hammam,the old Walls,Remains of Roman canals Get in Commons:Category:Syria WikiPedia:Syria Dmoz:Regional Middle East Syria

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